In order to keep in movement, we welcome a new artist every month.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein


Carlos Henriques

for you snow montains are …well…montains but to me they were background in ferytalles and postcards.
my first snow montains i saw in the age of 20 years.
the paintings in exibitition pretend to reflect my enthusiasm for this magical curious misterious cold world.









born 6 of january 1960 in Lisboa Portugal.
alive in Zurich, december 2014.
all the way through i aimed for the story of the forms and the beauty of the colours.

Exhibition start date: 3. Dezember 2014



It was a pleasure having You and Your paintings around.


Gainsbourg Bar & Event Location | Artists Valentyna Protsak

Valentyna Protsak


The young artist from Kiew lives and works in Zurich since 2005.

Toghether with expressive movements and fast brushstrokes the young artists manages to put people, from an outsiders view, into the picture.

Exhibition start date: 10. June 2014


Gainsbourg Bar & Event Location | Artists Nadine E. Moor

Nadine E. Moor


Nadine E. Moor paints for more than 20 years, her first vernissage which she held in 2000 was very successful. She’s sold over 60 paintings ever since, most of them in Switzerland, but there’s also paintings located in Miami, Vienna, London, N.Y. and Dublin.

Exhibition start date: 30. August 2014


Gainsbourg Bar & Event Location | Artists Roland Graf

Roland Graf


Roland Graf, a musician & fine art photographer, is exhibiting since over 20 years.
His actual work called LES FLEURES NUES is a sensual ode to the beauty of flowers.

Exhibition start date: 2. October 2014



Gainsbourg Bar & Event Location | Artists Mark Bern

Mark Bern


Mark Bern, born in 1979, is an emerging artist from Zurich, Switzerland. He works as an internet entrepreneur and founded several web companies. Mark Bern is focusing on digital art and computer art, combining several elements of pixel art.

Exhibition start date: 6. November 2014